Project Overview
Sans Merci is an annual arts and literary magazine by and for Shepherd University students.
My role as the magazines’ designer, was to work closely with the student-editors to design and layout the magazine, design graphics for multiple social media engagement campaigns, and create visuals for other printed collateral such as t-shirts and stickers.

—To design and illustrate marketing materials that spark student interest and promote submissions.
—To layout 100+ pages of art and literature in ways that support each individual piece while creating an overall editorial beauty and cohesion.
—To create a magazine cover and spot illustrations for the interior of the magazine.
—To create designs for t-shirts and stickers for editors.

Shepherd University students and staff.
Prospective students.

I pursued an airy minimalist layout style that was inspired by my favorite books of contemporary poetry. I used white space to create movement from page to page.
For the cover design, I drew on previous years' themes of embodiment, particularly distorting—playing with the relationship between bodies and the spaces embodied subjects inhabit. I used delicate line work, a limited, muted color palette, animate light and shadows to create a strong sense of disorientation, magic, and melancholia. Typographically, the title type is based on Fer Cozzi's typeface Sincopa, loosely traced and distorted to look sharper and disordered.
InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom
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