Hand-drawn typographic logo
Social Media Campaigns
Project Overview
Smile4Kime is an experimental documentary film that uses live-action footage and hand-drawn animation to tell a story of friendship, grief, mourning, and magic. It explores topics such as mental illness, anti-Black racism, domestic violence, disordered eating, BPD, and chronic suicidality.
My role as the designer was to create branding materials, a style guide, promotional images such as movie posters, title cards, credits sequences, and graphics for numerous social media campaigns, as create a simple and effective website using Squarespace.
To create a brand that reflected the nuance, authenticity, and vulnerability that is at the core of this project.
To generate interest and intrigue while uplifting the film's values.
I used consentful, collaborative methods to bring non-designers into the design process.
In our collaborative design work, we settled on a collaged live-action and illustrative style with a contemplative, impressionistic tone. This poster successfully generates intrigue while highlighting the radical care and imagination of friendship between two Women of Color.
Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Adobe Animate, AfterEffects
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